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Accountability Overview - Step 1 of 6

The concept of "accountability" may initially evoke feelings of discomfort or vulnerability, as it demands a level of commitment and transparency. However, for believers in Christ, accountability is a fundamental aspect of our faith, one that God Himself requires of us. The Lord, who knows and sees every facet of our lives, both the hidden and the visible, desires that we live in constant awareness of His presence. His divine purpose for us is to serve Him wholeheartedly, dedicating every aspect of our lives to honour and obedience in alignment with His perfect plan for His children.

Godly accountability is a journey of spiritual growth, where we continually deepen our wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of who God is and what brings Him pleasure. It entails cultivating an intimate relationship with Him, extending love to all people, and making choices driven by obedience and love for Jesus, even when they might run counter to our emotions.

For followers of Jesus, the call is clear: to approach every aspect of our daily lives as if we were serving Jesus Himself, rather than pursuing self-interest or seeking the approval of others. This principle encompasses our involvement in church activities, our responsibilities in both Christian and secular employment, our engagement in volunteer work with organisations, and our conduct in our private and social lives.

GCS, as an organisation, comprises dedicated volunteers committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with every individual, and it operates without any salaried staff. To fulfil this mission faithfully and in accordance with the biblical principles that form the foundation of GCS's ethos, we place great emphasis on trust and accountability among our members, both existing and new. This commitment is essential to safeguarding the organization's reputation, the integrity of its members, and the well-being of those we engage with in our endeavours. Therefore, we kindly request all who join our mission to embrace accountability under the oversight of the organization.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this document as you seek God's guidance for your life's journey and contemplate your potential role in supporting GCS's important work.

Thank you for your dedication and partnership in advancing the mission of GCS.