Ukraine Appeal

GCS Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Help support the GCS and our Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. GCS and our partners have been on the ground in Ukraine from the start of the war. 

Our teams have been serving in Ukraine war zones and borders with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova.

Over the last 20 months our appeal has been able to accomplish the following: 

Supplied over 7,160 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to vulnerable communities with a fleet of 358 x 20 tonne trucks covering over 750,000 km

Nutritional Food / Bottled Water / Hygiene Supplies / Water Tanks and Filtration Solutions / Portable Generators / 

Medicine and Medical Equipment / Thermal Clothing and Blankets / Tactical First Aid Kits and Tourniquets / Tactical Vests.

In the first few months of the invasion GCS helped evacuate over 59,321 people, of which 39% were children. 

22% evacuated to west Ukraine, and 78% evacuated abroad.

GCS have shared the Gospel with over 950,000 people, and distributed 185,000 Bibles and 970,000 Gospel tracts. 

Our GCS teams continue to serve the people of Ukraine in the greatest need. 

Thank you for helping us.

Thank you for your support.

Please continue to support our efforts by donating to our Ukraine Appeal below.